The Bellevue/Papillion Music Teachers Association (BPMTA)

Keyboard Karnival: During the month of November we sponsor the Keyboard Karnival—a Saturday morning of activities to test the students' skills in music fundamentals including rhythm, interval recognition, listening, scales, chords, and sight reading. These music theory events turn into fun for beginners to advanced students as they participate in competition for the events appropriate to their level of study. Awards are given to the first three places in each of the eight levels.

Winter Recital: We join forces to present a recital in January during which students from the studios of the various teachers provide a varied and interesting program.

Junior Festival: The Federation Festival in the spring is our largest event with entries numbering well over 100. Students perform pieces for a judge and receive a rating and a comment sheet. We have entries in piano solo, piano duet and trio, hymn playing, theory, vocal music, and band instruments. Students earn certificates and points toward "Gold Cups" provided by the National Federation of Music Clubs.

BPMTA Events      2020 - 2021 SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES

All meetings: Monday at 9:00 am
Meeting place: Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 2311 Fairview Road, Bellevue, NE 68123
Date Event
September 11
Friday 9am
Meeting: Keyboard Karnival cancelled due to COVID
October 9
Friday, 9am
Meeting: Festival Planning begins
Place: Pilgrim Lutheran Church #107
November 20
Friday, 6pm
Meeting: Festival Planning continues
Place: Pilgrim Lutheran Church #107
January 18
Monday, 9am
Brunch at Ellen Kershaw's home
1402 Camp Gifford Rd., Bellevue, NE 68005
Deadline for recital entries. Email to Sharon Kazmierski
January 21
Sunday, 2pm
Avery Presbyterian Church, 1910 Avery Rd., Bellevue, NE 68005
February 19
Friday, 9am
Meeting: Festival worker planning.
March 12
Friday, 9 am
Meeting: Festival Entrires Due to Sharon
April 9
Festival set-up, 6:00 pm
All entries have been turned in and Sharon will begin to compile a schedule for the event. Theory tests may be picked up beginning March 28 (not before) from Sharon. Please contact her if you would prefer them to be mailed to you. 
Set up will begin at 5:30 on Friday April 9th.
Judging 6:30 pm (for students unable to attend Saturday)

St. James United Methodist Church West
4343 Capehart Rd Omaha NE 68133
April 10
Pending confirmation:
Place: St. James United Methodist Church West
4343 Capehart Rd Omaha NE 68133
2:00 pm Avery Presbyterian
May 7
May Luncheon
Luncheon (Time, date and place to be announced)